2003-05-02 06:10:58 (UTC)

Crazy 1/2 day.

It was a half day that was not starting out too good when I
let my mom make me oatmeal. (She doesn't really know what
it is.) I didn't feel any negative energy surrounding this
day though. So I thought it is just going to be alright. It

After school was the alright part. My new friend from the
play Yesenia, and a couple of her buds went to this ice
cream restaurant called Margie's candies. Some other play
people were gonna go but they didn't show when we were
suppose to meet. Oh well. One of them wouldn't come. I
sensed it. We were suppose to take the bus. This one guy
had a car though, so we fit 6 people in there.

The big mistake was parking on White Castle. We left our
stuff in the car and it got towed. Good thing all I needed
to do was my senior paper and I got all my stuff for that.
Not to mention me not taking anything with me in my
bookbag. I was even thinking about leaving it in school.
That would be funny if I did. It got funnier when it was
raining and I had to get to freestreet in the rain without
a bus card. I could have taken the bus or the train. I
didn't feel like it though. Oh well.

Funky day. Gotta go though. Got to write senior paper. I
pumped myself fool of very strong coffee and chocolate. I
hear my heart beating. "There's a cat on the table and no
body seems to care. This is the single greatest moment of
my life.">Lisa Simpson.

P.S. Got EYE Q today

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