Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-05-02 06:00:48 (UTC)

3 more days

seems almost surreal, an almost
tangible feedling of dread has
risen up from the depths of my
soul, and given life, has turned
my insides raw, my emotions
to liquid aversion, and my mind
into a tattered ruin upon which i
may spike myself on..

that which i speak of is my


i hate birthdays, i don't know why
but for the most part it's only my
own birthday do i seem a little more
melancholy than i might otherwise

i think it's mostly, just that i am
always so disappointed that
something might actually happen
that i want or need...

my ex, never did i get anything with
out prompting, but i always remember
hers, and except for last year, i got
her something.. hmm, bitter i think

yeah, i am that... no happy birthday,
no i love you, other than the usual
that i had come to expect...

but then, i think i really expected something
more from her and never got it even
though i think i did more for her than she
will ever really admit to....


and this year, well, seems to be nothing
in the works really... i will by myself i think
nothing, but a poster or two... maybe
a new cd, or some clothes... i dunno...

ah well...