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2003-05-02 05:14:03 (UTC)

If you love someone when does..

If you love someone when does the point really come that
you let go? I mean if love is eternal and true love is a
once in a life time type thing, then do you let go? What
happens when the one that you love, the one who professed
to love you lets go? Do you let go along with them or do
you fight to keep it alive. How are you supposed to know
what to do. I guess it is a catch-22 of sorts is there any
right thing to do? Is there any right answer, if that
person has said that they will love you forever and that
they cannot live without you is it in their best intrest to
let them go despite that or should you assume that they
were just words with no weight behind them. Romantic
gestures meant for nothing more than a passing smile. Do
you discredit the person that you loved in assuming that?
Then if you chose to believe that those words were a lie
how do you belive anything else that they said? Lies... is
there honestly a more distructive force? Chaos itself has
nothing compared to the damage a lie can cause. Chaos is a
constant when lies,are only present when they are allowed
to be. A lie can start out small, a simple nothing that
means nothing. But then a lie is put in place to re-enforce
and cover up the first lie. A horrible downward spiral. But
how much blame is really to be placed?

My love is gone, words (or the lack of) and actions have
done nothing but re-enforce that for me. So do I give up
hope and let love go, or do I fight for love. How can I not
fight for love, how can you live with yourself knowing that
what could have been the best thing to ever happen to you
was yours and you let it simply walk away? How do you make
a decision like that?

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