A day in the life....
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2003-05-02 04:43:06 (UTC)

Spring Semester

Finals are OVER! Praise God and i think i may have passed
them all..the final tally shall tell soon enough. I know
already that i passed 3 of 7 so yeah. All i have left are
320, 340, 401, and 493 to get grades on. I'm so glad they
are over with...*sigh of relief*
I have hung out and talked to people more this week than i
have all year. It's been great! I missed that during the i got a chance to and they all leave for
the figures :oP but some will still be around.
Well my family goes on vacation as of next friday. Pray i
stay sane.
I am really missing Brian lately. I'll live yes, but i
still miss him a lot. I won't see him for another 3 weeks
probably :o( *sigh* oh well. I love him enough to deal with
it for now, but first thing i do when i see him is give him
a giant hug.
I am tired..g'night for now. God bless y'all!