taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-05-02 03:10:11 (UTC)

A night where only ska and 'diary' writing help.

What an ungood evening.

You must know. I am a huge fan of hockey, specifcally the
Ottawa Senators. So much so that I am thrust into deep
depression when they lose, well playoff games at least. You
may think I'm fucking idiot and I couldn't agree with you
more. Why do I like an overall meaningless game where high
priced guys with sticks duke it out for 60 minutes a night?
Couldn't tell you. I just have this underlying passion for
the game of hockey, business aspects aside, but I digress.

Tonight was game 4 against the Flyers. Ottawa has a chance
to go up 3 games to 1 on them, but it doesn't happen. Man,
I'm friggen POed. So now I'm going to be bitter and crusty
for a day and half until the next game. I just want to
apologize in advance to anyone (Veronica) who reads this
who i converse with on a regular basis for being an Asshole.
And now I'm mad because this is a shitty pointless entry,
barely worth submitting,hmmmm...I should throw in a lyric
to make it less bad.

"Do you see the analogy? We're the Oilers the world bank
the Flames. Just two minutes remain in the 7th game of the
best of 7 series. Yah. Jesus saves, Gretzkey scores. The
workers slave, the rich get more. One wrong move we risk
the cup. So play the man not the puck."

Go Sens Go!