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2003-05-02 01:57:12 (UTC)

i need more stuff to write about

thanks kailey ;)

`* you drink// not yet
`* many times have you been drunk// never
`* your best friend a virgin// yeah
`* you wear short shorts// not in a look at me i'm a
whore way... i have long legs ;)
`* many people have you slept with// 0 baby
`* you get along with your mom// sometimes
`* many guys have you kissed// 4? not counting below
6th grade
`*..been so drunk you couldn't remember your name// nope
`* you have any eating disorders// hell no
`*..piercings or tattoos// bellybutton
`* you wear shirts that show your clevage// not that i
know of
`*..ever wear shirts that show your belly button// if they
go up it's not my fault
`*..have you ever smoked// nooo
`*..are you a regular smoker// obviously not
`* you have any kids// HA no
`* you think you could be pregnant// nope

`*..ever find yourself wishing to poke people with
sticks// sure? if they're being annoying
`*..ever taped your nose to your face// probably
* you wish you could live in another realm// sometimes
`*..have you ever ran in circles like an elf// ..all the
`* you pick your nose for a living// only if i have an
`* you fart in public// nope
`* you pick wedgies in public// ha no
`*..what's your view on religion// retarded, no offense to
religious people, i just think it's a waste of time
`*..ever stop to smell the roses// nope sry
`*..what about wake up and smell the coffee// only if i
wanna throw up...
`*..can you smell// yeah
`*..gotten so drunk you didn't know where you were// i'm
not kailey..

`*..what is the most common question you get asked//
wha'ts up
`*..your usual response// nothing really
`*..what's your natural hair color// brown
`*..eye color// Brown
'*.. you without shoes// 5'6
`*..favorite colors// yellow
'*level of education// freshman
`* many surveys have you taken// way too many
`* you have any siblings// yes
`*..if yes how many//2
`* you have any pets// yep
`*..if yes, what kind// dogs, cats, yeah that's it oh jk
fish too
`*..what's your sexual prefrence// i love men
`* you agree that men are little boys in men's
bodies// yes?
`* you have your own site// used to
`* you sleep with clothes on// depends if i'm working
the corner with andi or not ;)

`*..favorite band// dont go into music with me
`*..favorite song// cant make decisions about music
`*..what song makes you cry//
`*..what song describes your love life//
`*..what song describes your happiest moment//
`*..what song describes your worst moment//
`*..what song "describes life for you//
`*..what song describes your feelings for your enemy//
`*..what's your one favorite lyric//
`*..what lyric reminds you of an exlover// comfortable-
john mayer
`*..what lyrics do you want the world to hear//
..and some repeated..
`*..eaten a box of oreos// yeah
`*..been on stage// yes
`*..dumped someone// yeah, why dont people ever dump me??
`*..gotten in a car accident// kinda-ish

`* or hot choccolate// hot chocolate
`*..neve campbell or jennifer love hewitt// neve campbell
`*..tom cruise or brad pitt// brad pitt
`*..jeans or cords// jeans
`*..sweater or sweatshirt//sweatshirt
`*..t-shirt or tanktop// tanktop
`*..cried// nope
`*..helped someone// maybe
`*..bought something// bat, bat bag, dumb bells
`*..gotten sick// no
`*..gone to the movies// no
`*..said i love you// friends and dad for buying me a
shitload of stuff
`*..written a letter// no
`*..moved on// no one to move on from >:o
`*..talked to an ex// yep
`*..missed an ex// kinda :-/
`*..talked to a crush// DONT HAVE ONE
`*..had a serious talk// w/marissa
`*..missed someone// yes
`*..hugged someone// think so
`*..fought with your parents// got mad at my mom for like
5 seconds
`*..fought with a friend// i dont even know what fights
with my friends are anymore

`*..wear eye shadow// dont wear makeup at all
`*..put on a 'front'// wtf?
`*..kiss on the first date// might if i like the person
`*..have a crush on someone// ugh
`* with your mouth open// hope not
`*..color is the carpet in your room// purple/blue
`*..the last CD you bought// chicago

`* did you spend last summer// beach&field hockey
`*..when's the last time you showered// this morning
`*..are you lonely// at times- yah
`*..are you happy// most of the time
`*..are you wearing pajamas// nope
`*..are you talking to someone online// yea
`*..what's your astrological sign// leo

ok it's really bugging me how freshmen think they're the
shit because they're friends with like 2 juniors. Get over
yourselves. Just because figgen billy norden and ryan
russo give you a 3 minute car ride doesn't make you hot
stuff. i need to get over it though, i think it's half
jealousy because i used to be friends with them and they
just decided to ignore me but whatever, i'll ignore them
back, i can live without them.
k so today.. anything interesting? wow, no. bio-andrews,
morgan whatever the hell her name is has way too much
energy in the morning, keyboarding- allen hates me for
some reason, no clue why because i'm like her best student
but hey it's all good, spanish- dont even remember, gym-
power yoga? wtf? i thnk the lady was high, math- tried
falling asleep but couldn't, freaking casci, ss- review,
it's not like i'll pass anyway, he's such a pervert
seriously. spent half the class listening to everyone
argue with him about cell phones, it was so annoying,
people need to learn when to give up

i love how people thnk they're ghetto because they go to
gorton, do they know they live in warwick? this girl on my
softball team... she tilts her hat to the side, it's not
even a hat it's a fucking visor, and the whole game she
was like "you dun scarrre me" or "there's no second mound
up in there" and then someone said fifty and she
went "fitty"'re anything but ghetto, get over
yourself. w/e i need to stop complaining about people