Nephanie's Life
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2003-05-02 01:56:54 (UTC)


I don't know what makes her so much better than me but
theres something and i'd really like to know what it is...i
do what i'm asked to do, and mostly all of what i am
supposed to...and she does nothing and is truly a filthy
whore...and she's better than me...she wins over everyones i suppose i'll never know...she can't just
simply lift her skirt up....well for the males she
can...but...idk i that mean? am i there for
no one? Is my only friend my b/f? And why does my mom love
her more than me? Why do people know her name when they
pass by and when they see me they're like, "Oh you have
another daughter? Which one is this?" And why is it that
i have no right to sleep when i need to or please b/c of
his frequent presence? And how long will this last? The
torture of the constant yelling at me for things that are
irrelevant to me? Why is it that i have to sit here
feeling like i don't belong while they sit and chuckle
amongst themselves? I feel like a stranger...i need to
leave i need someone but i can't be with anyone i need b/c
its wrong and so terrible and blah blah blah...why is it so
wrong if i want it? If i want that relationship so
badly...why is it so wrong to everyone? And where does
everyone come into play in my life? Why should it matter
to anyone when they know that it concerns them none? I
don't care what everyone else in the world wants i know
what i want and i have it well for that part yes i do...And
i'm happy OMG I AM HAPPY WITH DANIEL!!! DANIEL i really
care alot about you and i don;t care what everyone else
says your my bf not everyone elses and i know who you are
and i loves you for i'm sorry well maybe not..but
sure...i'm sorry for everyone who doesn't want us to be
together b/c we are together and i don't plan on that
changing for a while...not spite you but b/c i am
happy...happy with like one part of my life..and thats a
start...a good yah sorry for all this stuff its
pretty confusing and messed up but thats how i feel...soo
peace out!!!

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