Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-05-02 01:37:53 (UTC)


I'm doing ok today. I recently spent 400 dollars to get my
car fixed, so i'm broke. I'm meeting too many nice guys,
but can't do anything about it cause they are too young or
because of my plans to move soon, so lonliness has reared
it's ugly head. I am missing my best friends, and the times
we shared, just sitting, cuddling, and watching tv.

work is ok, kinda steadying a bit. i'm splitting my time
between 2 programs now, so my goals seem easier to meet at
the same time. The tension is still running high at home,
with none of us getting along except for me and my sis in
law. I still stay in my room every chance i get.

I miss Jason too. Someday I wonder if I'll be over him. At
least I don't hurt anymore, even if I'm empty inside. hmmm.
Maybe being lonly is a good thing? Maybe this means I'm
still not READY to be dating? Well, celibacy SUCKS either

I have a new young friend who wants to become a performer.
I have sworn to teach him what little i know if he
SERIOUSLY wants to entertain. At least he has the looks for
the leading man on your finer stages when he gets the
training. he cans play romantic leads, not be stuck in
supporting roles. It'll be good to get involved in
theatrical pursuits again.

i came in 4th in the Kareoke contest. I'll try again next
round. 4th out of 11 isn't bad for being so woefully out of
practice as I am.