Reality Bites
2001-10-09 03:33:23 (UTC)

Bad Mood

I'm in SUCH a bad mood right now, I dont even know was ok, I got up at like 11, and then hung
around did homework, talked on the phone, and then went to
counceling at 4, but I was late cause my mom forgot to pick
me up. That was alright, but I was hella tierd so I was
kinda sarcastic, Oh well tho. My sister picked me up and
then I came home and worked out, and then got tutored in
math. Alyssa called while I was getting tutored, so I
called her back like 20 min later when I was done and she
goes, hey and we talk for like 5 min, and I'm mid sentence
and she gets a beep and comes back and goes, "Can I call
you back...Tim hates it when I tell him I'll call him back"
Im like SURRRRRE. It was So annoying. Then I called Rob so
see whats up for homecoming and hes like mid-plan making w/
Jason on the phone so he said he'll call me back at like
9:30. Jenn called from the city, she was at a shoot, she
was hella bored and wanted to say whats up. (she's a model)
Alright that's it-A year ago today I met B:) Pretty cool
feels like he's an offical friend...Gtg lates~