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2003-05-01 21:56:17 (UTC)

AOL, Goldfish, and Midget Pirate Queens

I HATE AOL!!! My brother and I are scheming to get Cable
Internet and TV (because for like 2 years we have had
nothing but boring local channels and sucky dial up internet that
kicks you off 20 times a minute!). We're hoping that if
we offer to pay 1/4 of the bill each ($80 A Month), our
parents will cave. Dad wants Satallite, but it costs an
extra $40 a month per box, and Anthony each want one in our
rooms. Dad is pretty hard to sway, but hopefully we'll be
successful. On a lighter note, my arm is feeling much
better (I took a nasty spill on Sunday whilst Dirtbiking
and popped my shoulder out of place and back in). My
doctors (I've seen 3 different ones since Sunday) think it
should heal nicely and I say it will heal nicely AND
quickley :). Mmmmmmmmmmmm....Goldfishy's.... ::singing:: "I
love the fishes cause they're soooooo delicious!" Things
are begining to look up for me. I have promise of a job
interview at the BlockBuster down the street later this
week (hopefully tomorrow), I have a REAL craft fair on
Sunday (which I may get away with not paying registration
for :P), and yesterday, Antonia the midget Chinchilla
Pirate Queen and Satine the Hindi Cortasan from France came
to visit me! We picked out a dress for Chinch to wear in GQ
(you left the blue top by the way dear) and made our
notebook (I finished it chickas!) It was great. Well, I
better get going, got lots of nothingness to do...