listen to my silences
2003-05-01 21:10:25 (UTC)

two down, three to go

*sigh of relief*

religion final is done. i have to print it out, but that
doesn't count as to it being done or not. it's finished.
woo hoo! k anyways. i have to start studying for my wc
final now. blah. i hate that class. i have no motivation
to study for it. i have to work on my math stuff too so
that i know what questions to ask when i go for the study
session. i'm not real worried about that final. i figured
it up and i can miss forty-two points on it and still have
an a. but i'm still going to go to the study session.
cause i'd like to do really well. if i ace this test i'll
have a ninety-seven percent in there. yes, i know, i'm a
dork. i don't care. think what you want.

i'm in a weird mood.


we had a bad storm here about two hours ago. tornado
warnings all over the place and the sky was really really
dark. sara freaked. it was kinda cool. the storm, not
that she freaked. the sky is pretty clear now though. so
that's good i guess. k well i'm out to study some more.

final thought: i can't wait till finals are over.