I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-05-01 20:46:25 (UTC)

Shave and a Haircut, 2 bits

So because my plans with Liz were shafted I got my hair
cut today. The guy was pleasant enough and though it was a
little more than I had intended to spend I do like it. He
blew it out straight and that's really cool. I feel REALLY
good looking. *grinning* And what do you do after you get
a really good hair cut and look so good that you'd date
yourself? Go to lunch of course. So I took myself to my
favorite chinese restaurant and had dumplings. Yum!

The restaurant has a big screen TV and it is satellite so
it's on the Chinese channel all the time. And though I
couldn't understand a single word that was said it was
oddly addicting. There was this soap opera thingy but it
was set about a thousand years ago in China. They all wore
odd head pieces and such. Then that was to be continued (I
know this because they stopped it at a critical scene and
because there was an ad for the flat hose and then there
were more scenes from the show as if it was "Next time on
this chinese soap opera....") and then a travel/shopping
show with two girls hosting it. They were somewhere in
China (duh) and showing shops and so forth. They had high
tea (which in Chinese is "high tea") and crabs.

One of the girls was in her room before they went out and
it was covered in Hello Kitty stuff. She was probably
around my age (I'm 23 for those of you who don't know)but
she seemed like a Hello Kitty addict. Not my favorite, but
who am I to judge? Yeah, I hate it. Who would like Hello
Kitty? Transformers I can understand, but Hello Kitty?

I look so good I'd date myself. *grinning*

And it's my diary I can judge if I wanna.