2003-05-01 19:58:16 (UTC)

love has torn us apart

So after writing this one earlier today i wrote it in word
first just in case it did it again...
here's an update of the past week
Friday – after school Brandon came over, we went and
picked up our tuxes, went to this music store and the to
Philly Connection (really good Philly cheese steaks), then
Brandon dropped me off at home (which at the time I was
disappointed because I assumed I was just going to hang
out with him for the greater part of the day, but I guess
he had other plans?) well I proceeded to try and find
something to do, called some people and left some
messages, then talked to chris and we tried to plan
something. Nothing was happening and then I got a call
from jessi and mandy. They invited us over to smoke and
then spend the night there. Shannon and jerylin also came.
It was fun. Toked up, watched movies, fell asleep, typical
stoner Friday night.

Saturday – woke up, went home, chris and I basically fell
back asleep, chris left, I fall asleep, I am awoken by a
hand on my face, wake up to find Brandon standing over me,
we hang out because we have some time to kill before prom.
We end up driving aimlessly around until it’s time to get
ready. I come home, get ready, Brandon picks me up, we go
to the girls’ house, pictures, then to olive garden. Eat,
and then to prom, “boogie down” and then come home… yeah
yeah I know…”what about the prom after parties?” well the
girls had to be home by 1 so after dropping them off
Brandon called home to see if he could stay out. After
much argument the answer was still no. so I just went home
and basically fell right asleep.

Sunday – I woke up kinda late and then wrote a really long
English paper, that was about it

Monday – School, after school my mom was gone for a while
so I went to Keene’s and smoked, we smoked WAY too much
and I had a shitty high. I was really paranoid about going
home and then getting caught and I got a really sick
feeling. So I went to sleep. Woke up with my high under
control, went home and just avoided family members.

Tuesday – I still felt sick so I had a pretty shitty day,
come home from school and did nothing, Kyle and pat and I
went to Metro skate park, I did shitty there too, I came
home and showered and did some more nothing. Still felt
sick and I had trouble breathing due to the tar build up
in my lungs…

Wednesday – school, starting to feel not so sick, lung
still hurt, and trombone playing is really hard with a low
lung capacity. Home, Brandon came by, we went to the mall
and met up with mike v. and Rachel e., then after a while
I came home and wrote another English paper, to end the
night I talked via aim like I do every night

Thursday (today) – I no longer feel sick and my lungs have
stopped acting up, overall my week’s been shitty, and I
see no light coming from the weekend either. So basically
I can look for another shitty week ahead of me.