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2003-05-01 17:31:57 (UTC)

The Ex

My ex called me yesterday and confronted me about a lie I
told him about 5 years ago. Why, you are asking yourself?
Because he is simply crazy.
After talking with him yesterday I relaized he is more
crazy than I had initially thought. He is totally still
holding on the this old relationship. I mean, I still care
about him, but in a more distant way. He just went off on
me telling me not to do drugs and not to lie, or my
daughter is going to be noticing all of that when she is 3
years old. This is all very strange. He will in one breath
tell me I was evil and treated him bad then in the next
second recount that he thinks of me every day and wishes
things had never ended. He is a very confused person and
talking to him just makes me confused. I usually almost
always black out during conversations with him and end up
just sort of sitting there nodding and kind of spacing out
and hearing shards of ranting and raving he is doing. He
hates all girls and the internet and he hates liars and
people who do coke, even though he falls into both of those
catagories himself.
So I have to meet him today to give him one of his things.
Not too excited about it. I hope to come out of this alive.