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2003-05-01 15:06:27 (UTC)

The Weekend just gone

On Friday, I met up with Andrew but this time I didn't stay
over. Met him at around 1pm at Harlow Station and then went
back to his place. Made lunch for both and then talked for
a bit. We were doing things a couple do (use your
imagination) and having a bit of fun. We chased eachother
around his house, tickling and wrestling, it was a bit of
fun and really had a good time. We talked about other
things watching some TV and such. Around 7pm he walked me
to the station and we had some fun walking back, prancing
like some idiots and cussing eachother ^_^.
Waited at the station and said our goodbyes :).
Saturday went out clubbing with a whole lot of people. It
was Sam's birthday on the 27th but it was a Sunday so we
went out clubbing that day. It was Sam, me, Michael, Emily,
Kin, his sister Sue, Rebecca, Jamie, Rupesh and Deren. We
went to the Capital club, rnb hip hop night, lots of good
music. Lot of things happen that night, Sam got drunk,
there were a few funny moments but generally everyone had a
good time. Sam and Mike booked a hotel, whereas the rest of
us took a bus back, I got home around 5am, cold and tired
but I got there in the end :). Laters you!