Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-05-01 05:37:00 (UTC)

the long roads of evenmoor

i can't write fantasy...

i don't think i know how...

i think the book within is a work of fiction...
actually I think i have two books.. the second book
i think would be semi biographical non fiction..

they have been pulsing beneath the surface

i already have a title... for the second one
"memories of a drowned thief", or "ash nightmares"
sounds kinda alright.. a little too real, but
i have started the outline all i need is the
inspiration to write, and some of my own space..

I was thinking i would write a proposal and
then send bits of it to a few publishing houses,
and see what would happen..

the first book... well, i still am not really
certain.. but i think it's there somewhere..