listen to my silences
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2003-05-01 04:42:50 (UTC)

getting a little stressed...

i have a final at eight in the morning. that i haven't
studied for yet. and it's umm...*looks at clock*...eleven
thirty. yeah...i actually didn't do nothing today. did
you catch the double negative? i did half of my religion
final. which was a lot of work. it's a take home final,
but that means it's a paper and it's hard. she expects a
lot and grades really hard. but i think i did really well
on this half. she wants two pages, i did four. but her
two pages exclued quotes, my four pages includes them. so
i guess i did three. anyways it doesn't matter. it took
me five hours total to do it. i have one more to do. when
i get off of here though i have to study for my psci test
that's tomorrow. at eight in the morning. so why am i
still online? why don't i study? good question...i just
needed a break. and i have things to say. but i...i don't
know what's wrong with me. i just can't write. it's
weird. k...well...i'm out...i guess...

final thought: i wish i could sleep for thirteen hours
again. i wish you were here so that i could sleep as well
as i did last night.