Nick's Journal
2003-05-01 04:05:32 (UTC)

The Irony of a Feminist

i know i say a lot that i hate feminists and i never
substantiate it. well i do. i mean i state the simple
facts that they are selfish pissy overweight idiot
lesbians, but i don't really substantiate it. it's just
my personal opinion.
i just see what they do. like that whole masters shit. i
don't understand feminists. see i have nothing against
the advancement of women although i think that such
secular objectives are what ultimately divide our
society. however i don't understand what feminists fight
for. entrance to a country club? nothing better? oh
anyhow i was watching that new show with colin quinn where
that lesbian is on a lot. well today she said the most
interesting thing. she is against polygamy. interesting.
i find it kind of ironic when people who fight to
normalize deviations are against other deviations. for
example the gay community is quite against bi-sexuals
(it's true i read an article published by someone in our
lesbian gay alliance thing). see i don't understand their
logic. i dont' understand human logic really. how are we
so sure that we can cut a clear line filled with
objectivity on what is wrong? specifically for sexual
preference or concerning the "rules" of sexual behavior.
many other countries have polygamy, but for some reason
this feminist thinks it's wrong. granted that those
countries ususally dont' treat women equally, but i think
the actually issues involved with polygamy are irrelevant.
my question is how can she draw that line, yet criticize
other for drawing their line?
say Fred thinks being gay is wrong. lisa is a lesbian,
she says that fred is being homophobic, and that being a
polygamist is horrible. randy who is a polygamist says
that lisa is being a fucking uptight bitch and needs to
get ellen degeneres out of her vagina, furthermore he says
that incest disgusts him. but the emperors of austria say
that he's a fucking infidel cos they're related, and just
look at the kingdom they have! however they deplore the
concept of fucking animals. harry the local sheep fucker
says that the emperor of austria is a narrowminded nazi
and that he loves dolly, however he thinks that raping
little children is wrong...............
now first think of the string of that
redundant? now go from one to the next. the first
transition is very fluid. OF COURSE fred is being a
homophobe! how dare he speak out against the inalienable
rights of a human to what he go to the next,
depending on where you come from you'll agree/disagree.
right there we notice a split. we coudl turn this aroudn
and have someone living in saudi arabia read it. he'd
agree with the statement that lisa is out of her mind and
that fred is right. so we already have cultural
differences. now we go to another step in the way.
incest, very, very wrong. however most royality
throughout our history did it to maintain ze ole'
blood......there we see how time changes our concepts.
finally we go to the GREAT deviations. now no doubt the
last two are sick and off the wall, but it's kind of
unnerving how that flow of arguments goes. if not the
second to last, atleast hopefully the last is a
universally adopted taboo.
secularism is what divides us. people like that feminist
like all those people that spread fear. that tell you you
ARE different, and others hold you back. fight each
other, chaos is what they want because as long as they
have chaos they have a purpose. can you imagine feminists
and the naacp if they achieved their objectives? will
they stop what they do? feel empty....the biggest
paradox. anyhow, i just don't like how people complain
about hypocrisy and revel in it for their own arguments.
i don't disagree with the lady i just question the logic
behind what the people that spout their opinions is. what
the fuck are they thinking? i'm right, they're wrong,
follow me, give me purpose.
right michael moore?