My Gay Misadventures
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2003-05-01 03:59:17 (UTC)

Busy busy bumble bee

It be Wednesday, and 2morrow is ganna be a busy day for me
(or at least it better)...I am to call the theatre, and see
if my ass gets the job. Return that game Primal I rented
(wich by the way had a sucky ending) and Try my best to get
a hold of Michael dearest. I know he has cheated on me. I
just know it...But i cant really find the feelings to care.
Ugh, and whats worse is that I belive a girl was
involved...BLLLLLLAAAAHHHH!...no offence to chicks, but
thats just goin too far for me. I'm still tryin to see how
i can confront him with this...I dont have solid proof, but
i do have puzzle peices (ex. He's always with them, He
sleep in their bed. He's had sexual experiances with one of
em in the past) ...Blah. Anyway, I also gatta make a trip
to the med clinic sometime this week, for s'more blood
draining, yay! (Bein a former slut does have its cons) I
got S'more hate mail from that annoying..er..I mean
Anonymous chick (yes it has been cleared, its a female) She
sounds like a activist or something, cuz she still says I
be wrong for usein my words in such a voulger matter. and
she says a lot stuff i should quit. (This is another reason
why im glad im gay, no girlfriends, sheesh.) In any case,
Im just ganna name her Bertha for now. I really dont know
why Bertha insist on sending me hate mail in MY diary. If
what i say offends tha heffa, then why the heck is she
still readin? huh? Yes Bertha, I know you still reading. So
stop. Now...I SAID NOW BITCH!...God damn. Moving on.
Oh....Today I spent the whole day brushin up on my Belly
danceing skills...I shakira'ed myself out by the end of the
day. I didnt eat much...prolly wasnt a good idea...I bet I
lost a pound or two (Bad hips! Bad! *does hip whip*) I also
found Trix again tonight. My old kitty friend. Im still
supprised the lil bugger is still alive. He makes a lot of
noise at night when he's bored. Speakin of which, So am
I...Eh, guess i could shower up, I do have this layer of
sweat and ickyness on me from bein a lunitc all day.

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