2003-05-01 00:36:32 (UTC)

Automatic nag mail keeps coming, so...

even though nothing is going on I might as well write
something. I can't get too carried away though. I have to
write my senior paper today, cause I'll hardly have any
time tomorrow, plus, I might have to do my chem homework AT
HOME. Believe it or not. And there's alot of it, involving
some formal lab write up I don't remember when it's due,
but we have a 1/2 a day tomorrow. I can't do anything with
that though cause instead of going home I'll be hanging
out. I have nothing better to do. I have to kill so me time
before freestreet. Might as well do that. Gonna hang out
with some cast members and friends of the school play.
(Hey, I just realized plays are a great way to make
friends.) We're suppose to go eat somewhere. I'm not sure
if that's still on. Hope so. It's a good idea. I want a
break from boredom anyway.

I'm getting back in the habit of driving I got kinda pissed
at my driving today though. Cause I just couldn't get
through. I was driving on the little streets. Kinda
retesting myself. The driving through the big streets
didn't work out as well as I wanted it too. Oh well. Mom
was right I guess. I shouldn't just jump into the whole
driving thing head first. Rather take it step by step. This
is the second route we've had so far. Our routes consist of
anywhere the two of us go. Then I just say: "Can I drive?"
Eventually it will be little routes alone, and in the end
me complaining about taking the car again. I just reminded
myself. The part about me driving off by myself> not so
easy. The cars are very limited to being available. That's
what happens when 5 different drivers lives collide, and we
only have 2 delinquent cars to share. I love one of them
though. It has put up with hell for years. Eight, almost
nine to be exact. I'll get a new free car eventually though.

Let me fill you with what the deal is on that. Blockbuster
is connected to I should have logged on to it
sooner. Like when I got that card a few summers ago that
enabled me to rent 30 flicks in 30 days, which I did. On
the back of the receipt is a number of tokens, or points
that you get. In the end you can trade them in for
something like a car. If you're the highest bidder. That's
my hope. That by the time I get out of college, and I'll
need a car, I'll get a free one from because
I've been involved in it throughout my college years.

(Now about my route today.) It was to pick up my report
card. I improved because I wanted that scholarship thing so
I actually cared now. Not enough to fully comprehend
Chemistry though. I got all A's and B's. (An A in Trig, B
in Honors French.) But F in Chem. I'll have to boost it
this quarter. That's why I really have to do my homework.

I don't wanna write anymore today. Got much more to do
today and I've slacked off enough as it is.


P.S. I ordered I.Q. it should come in 5-7 days. The trial

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