Sometimes.. I need to hide from everyone
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2003-05-01 00:01:23 (UTC)

Move onto me

Anyway.. Hey you guys. Or myself. Yea.. I had a really
weird day today. I feel fat as hell. It's disgusting. It
really is. Oh my god. He was like, "What do you do with
your vagina?" and I was like, "Ew.. nothing." and he's
like, "Do you shave it." and i was like, "Why does it
matter?" and he was like, "You do, don't you??" and I was
like, "Maybe" and he was like, "I'm gonna find out on
Friday." haha. i think i like him.

funkymonkey5 [7:50 PM]: hey
Nicmaz4 [7:50 PM]: DANIELLE!
Nicmaz4 [7:50 PM]: danieeellleeee
Nicmaz4 [7:50 PM]: riiigghhtt?
Nicmaz4 [7:51 PM]: :(
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:51 PM]: sorry.....wrong
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:51 PM]: this is shannon!
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:51 PM]: lol
Nicmaz4 [7:51 PM]: ah! SHANNON!
Nicmaz4 [7:51 PM]: hey!
Nicmaz4 [7:51 PM]: what's up??
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:52 PM]: nothin.....did you see dean
today!!!!!! and i thought he looke bad yesterday
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:52 PM]: looked*
Nicmaz4 [7:52 PM]: lolol
Nicmaz4 [7:52 PM]: he went up to kathleen and thems and
made them feel bad for him by telling them i rejected him
and shit
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:53 PM]: omg hes goes up to heather
and hes all like with his sad face he goes "do you have any
money?" and then shes like "no" and hes all like "oh fuckin tired of this"
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:53 PM]: i was like....good starve
Nicmaz4 [7:54 PM]: lolol
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:54 PM]: bring money!!
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:54 PM]: i didnt say that but i swear
i was about to
Nicmaz4 [7:54 PM]: lol
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:55 PM]: im not going to feel sorry
for his smelly,ugly, dirty ass at all
Nicmaz4 [7:55 PM]: goooood
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:56 PM]: i swear he is so get him some pants and ill get
him some cologne for his bday....and andrew can get him a
bar of fuckin soap!
Nicmaz4 [7:56 PM]: lol, YAY!
Nicmaz4 [7:56 PM]: clean deannn
thatfunkymonkey5 [7:56 PM]: oh wait....and heather can
get him a toothbrush
Nicmaz4 [7:56 PM]: yeeaa

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