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2003-04-30 23:37:28 (UTC)


Jon and I started talking again about a month ago. I lost
contact with him when I moved. But in March he called me
up outta the clear blue sky to tell me that he still liked
me. Now I'm not about to lie, because I'll always love him
no matter what he does to me. He's just like Sam, but with
more pimp juice and a dick : ).
So he's been calling me practically every night now. I was
using my G-ma's calling card to talk to him, but I got
caught at 1 in the morning talking to him. I was in BIG
TROUBLE. But anyways, the two of us kind of decided that
we'de be fuck buddies when I come back to Montana in the
summer. Of course, I've come up witha bunch of freaky
ideas to make the summer more entertaining. But I'm afraid
that things are about to change.
Last night Jon told me that he wants us to be in a
relationship this summer. He pretty much said that if I
choose not to go out with him, he'll move on. But I don't
want another serious relationship right now, especially
with him. I don't want him to hurt me again. And I don't
want to fall back in love, because that hurts too. I don't
want to love him, I just wanna fuck him. (gawd that's
But he's sposed to call me at 6 tonight to talk to me about
this in more detail. Lol it's 7:30. Okay, I'll fill in
about this lata. Peace out nuggas!

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