thats absurd
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2003-04-30 22:32:23 (UTC)

Deedalee dee

Deedily deedily deedily deedily deedily deedily

Hooray for 70's rock irish song covers...that made my day.
Right after french killed it. Now im not one to complain
about a class, but then again it wasn't realy the class
that killed me, it was the people in the class. Everyone
just assumes i know more than them, which i do, but they
just grab my paper to copy off of it. and the girl behind
me calls my name in that "i need,not your help, but your
answers" kinda voice. So I, of course, ignore her. And
then she started to snap at me, with her fingers. and i
snapped to, but in the way where i get pissed
off...yah...pissed off...

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