REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-30 21:26:25 (UTC)


i seriously have tried so hard getting over him but i
cant. it suxs majorly..why is he so perfect for me? ugh i
cant take it. he has me falling on hey reeda. and that
hug..i wish that moment lasted forever. i wanna be held in
his arms. its the greatest feeling. his smile...its
unbelievable. i just want another chance with him. you
know wat suxs? hes going to another school...MAST. this
SUCKS. the kid i love...im not gonna see for
days...weeks...months in advanced. since he lives near me
im gonna ask to hang out alot. i just want one more
chance! baby your all that i need...not having you just
boostes my depression level up the scale! ugh! i cant take
it. words cant express it. i dont know how to put these
feelings into words. 3 years. the moment i layed eyes on
you. do you believe in love at first site? i
didnt...untill i saw you. i swear to God boy you have me
wrapped around your finger. i love you so much. its not
even FUNNY. no one understands...i love him more than any
other girl...ill give my life on those words. i think
know who he likes to. everything suxs. just knowing i have
you friendship is good...and i guess if i cant have
you...a friendship is better than nothing. you know what
makes him even better? hes always there for me. ALWAYS.i
can talk to him about anything. seriously ANYTHING. hes
everything to me. i just wish...but its not gonna happen
again. if it wasnt for him...i would be long gone. so he
saved my life to..and he taught me how it would be if i
wasnt here. and he told me how it would be if i wasnt here
for him. he made me feel good for who i am. hes awsome.
the best friend a girl could have. theres no other guy
like him on this earth...take my word for that. just to
tell everyone thats reading this...know one could out run
the love i have for this kid. i dont know how im gonna
live next year when your not by my side in north...i just
dont know how...