files of the weenie kid
2003-04-30 20:23:14 (UTC)

burger king

I applied for a job at McDonalds today, I'll have an
interview on Monday. I hope I get the job, cos I want to
make my mom happy. Hopefully I'll be working mornings.
Dude, I DON'T WANT A JOB!!!! I wanna quit my band...I don't
like it anymore, I don't like the guys, and I don't like
playing with them. They're hecka rude, and negative, I hate
hanging out with negative people, they make me mad. So I
don't know how I will tell them, but I better do it soon.

I got all of my junk for prom...and some new shoes and
shorts, and a new outfil also... I can't wait till I can
join the marines... that is al I have to say right now.