thats absurd
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2003-04-30 19:54:04 (UTC)

Chris is a wingaling dragon

Hooray for the Blues. It is the best music ever. It
combines an upbeat yet slow rythem and musical
acomponyment, with some of the saddest most pathetic
repetitive lyrics ever...observe...

I was walkin down the street
and i met a one eyed whore
she was deaf and has to crawl on the ground
and i am diabetic

i got the blues
i got the blues so bad
I cant eat to much sugar
or theyll have to take my leg
and someone shot my dog

oh now i tell you bout Kentucky
that is my home sweet home
someone blew up my house
and i am diabetic

i got the blues
i got the blues so bad
(Guitar solo)
Oh yah...

See what i mean!? Isnt that great?! I think it is and so
should you. If you are feeling bad there is nothing better
than hearing someone else singing about all the crap that
happened to them but having a good atitude about it. Emo,
on the other hand is the opposite. They are misserable
over the stupidest things and they whine and whine and
whine about it...observe once again...

(Grunty whine)
My girlfriend broke up with me
so now im making an album
so other girls will like me
and i sing like a manly girl
(Grunty Whine)

Boo hoo
i realy need to shut up
now buy my album

See what im talking about. They play the same three chords
over and over and sing about trivial little things and make
a lot of money and still go on like a misserable buncha
miserable people. I can think of any othe kind of music so
i will ask someone alse in the room. Chris, the wingaling
dragon, has suggested Rastfunk. thank God for Chris. Now,
rastafunk is a noble style of music. it was made for a
perpouse. Jamacia was going through some crap with its
government or something. So people made a style of music
to protest that...once again i ask you to observe...

Oh the people rise up
to opress the opressors
oh the people join up
to kick the man in the nuts

Oh the people
the people
will win the rasta war...

Bee-ah-oo-tee-full! what else can i talk about...? I bet
Chris, the wingaling dragon, would know! Now acid classical.
Imagine...well...once more...i kindly ask you...the observe...

You are sitting in a concert hall and the lights go up on
stage and a pianist walks out to a lone piano. He sits and
begind playing Betovens 5th symphony except he has a
guitaris acomponying him...

time to go kiddies

sees yuh later>>>

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