listen to my silences
2003-04-30 19:40:45 (UTC)


all i have left this semester is finals. woo hoo! little
nervous about them, but not bad. after i get off of here
it's back to studying.

i started packing already. i have everything but
necessities packed. some of the things that aren't packed
a person might say are not necessities. but to me they
are. i actually packed up the art that was placed all over
my room. and the glow in the dark stars and dragons. it's

brandon came up monday night, stayed all day tuesday, and
then left this morning. it was nice. i'm so at peace. i
love it. we can just be with each other, and i love that.
i've needed that. he's so good to me. really. he's a
sweetheart. to me anyways. lol.

we had some really good and needed conversations monday
night and tuesday. things i didn't want to talk about but
then did want to. if that makes any sense. if not, well,
it does to me. i guess that's what matters though.

he left at five thirty this morning. we went to sleep at
about eleven. my alarm went off at five. he got up, i
went back to sleep. then he woke me up when he was
leaving. i again went back to sleep and got up about
twelve o clock this afternoon. so i basically got thirteen
hours of sleep. it was nice.

k so i'm going back to studying.

final thought: i'm not hungry...i know i should eat...