No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-04-30 18:44:36 (UTC)

Bad Day

Well, I'm stuck home doing mine and Jessica's History
project...which is quite usual. Everytime I do a project
with her, I do it all. Last project in History, she came
over for MAYBE 3 hours, then left to be with Daniel. In
English, I did it all and she read the notecards I gave
her. This time, she came over and was too busy worrying
about going to see Daniel to talk to him, that I am stuck
with the project again...not cool at all. It's really,
really ticking me right off. She has been on my last nerve
*sigh* Today was awesome this morning, I thought I'd have a
good day...yeah...that was short lived. Today kinda sucked.
I'm so sick of people NEVER doing their work and
thinking "Hey, I'll copy off Ashley every day" on top of
that, they rush me to finish. That's really pissing me off
too. Now, I don't mind sharing answers at all, it's just
when EVERY DAY people expect my work, it pisses me off.
Sometimes, I have bad days, and I don't even do my work, I
copy, but not often. *sigh*
It's just one of those days...