The void
2003-04-30 13:30:07 (UTC)

oh my god:) met Terence! and he's sooo kool! he's fuckin
tall as well! i actually had to stand on TIPTOES to hug him!
and i'm 5ft11"!
so the day went well, at first i was kind of shitting
myself because joe was with us, i thought he was going to
be really rude and annoying, wasn't sure how he'd react
around people like that but he was fine!i was so
fucking shocked when joe said " Terence was really nice!"which is
good because last night...this
Euronymous4ever: So do you want me to ask you out now or on
sunday when i see you?
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: *shock*
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: erm..i aint fussed it's up to you.
Euronymous4ever: ok so i'll ask you now and on sunday
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: you going to say those essential words?
Euronymous5ever: ok wanna go out with me?
MyZtReZzMoRpHinE: yes
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh my god! so yeah i had to
make this diary private because maz would find out i'm
cheating otherwise. oh fuck, that makes me a really bad
person.i'll tell her, i will! eventually! but her grans
just died so i can't tell her yet! oh fucking hell vicky
NICE TIMING!argh that just makes this whole situation worse!
well me and skye are going to meet terence on sunday :)anyway i
didn't go to college today, i got up too late, tut
tut me naughty!ah well!