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2003-04-30 09:21:52 (UTC)

Livin in da ghetto

so i love the pianist like i love peanut butter...i've
never cried so much at a film in my life...adrien brody
marry me...

i discovered today that i like quesadillas from hernandos
but they need to be as big as my head...

also after just reading alex's diary apparently he has a
father...obviously he doesn't check his e-mails...

heres my advice to you can never be as bad as
being an old man in a wheelchair being thrown out of a
four storey building by nazis just because you couldn't
stand up when they decided to invade your house at

oh god im crying again...i can hear ray laughing
already...and natalie don't worry im going to need to see
this movie ten more times before it grows old on me which
will never ever happen...


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