ramblings of a madwoman
2003-04-30 07:09:30 (UTC)

Shit mang, I'm totally flyin'.

Wooo for anti-allergy medication. When I close my eyes, I
feel like I'm on a plane that's banking right and it's kind
of scary. Of course, I can't just keep my eyes open at all
times, as that's rather ridiculous.

So I went to pasta night at the BP (hardcore thuggin' yeah)
with some fellers I've not seen for awhile. It was grand to
catch up with them. (I hereby dedicate this entry to

I don't know what's been up with me lately in terms of my
erratic sleep habits. I know it isn't nearly as crazy as,
say, Derek, who gets almost no sleep and still manages
to... uhh.. be alive. Yet, I'm still really fucking tired
all the time; I've perfected the "sleeping while sitting
perfectly erect" technique. What a way to spend my last few
months of high school.

I'm really looking forward to being out of it. It's not
like the experience has been hellish or anything, I just
dislike my lack of options and variety there. I've only got
so much course space and very little is allotted for things
I want to do just for me, as opposed to just for credits.

Yeah, good ol' Tourism. It's caused me nothing but grief.
Well, I'm getting some nifty certificates out of it, but
still... The class is full of the most moronic sub-humans
I've ever seen. I swear, their entire vocabulary consists
of "Whatever", "Fuck" and "4:20". It's those types that
make me want to cut out my ovaries with the glass of a
broken beer bottle. Who'd want to propagate a species like
this? Panda Bears are as picky as anything when it comes to
reproducing and they're in danger of extinction. Parts of
the human world are so disgustingly overpopulated, yet
people are still having unprotected sex and popping out
slimy little parasites. This is not a nation/race specific
statement I'm making here, I'm just saying that people need

Oooh just had a sneeze. It was a good sneeze, loosened up
all of the mucous in my sinuses. This is a good thing. I
don't think I'm gonna make it into school first block, but
that's just stupid lame tourism so there you go. Always
back to the negatives. I have a massive project in that
class to throw together by monday. Watch me do it all
Sunday evening. No, that's not a good thing. I think I'll
start tomorrow.

No, I won't.