Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
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2003-04-30 06:04:28 (UTC)

Buh-bai, Buffy...

My very favourite show is ending, and I'll miss it very
much. Buffy the Vampire Slayer will have it's final season
on May 20 in the US, but I don't know when it will show
here in Aust. I've watched that show since... actually, I
watched the movie starring Kristy Swanson, which was where
my I got into the show. It's the best, well for me anyway,
show ever, as not only is the main character a role-model,
but her life relates to real life. Well, I won't be online
long now. I have been long online, so I gotta get off now.
I wish Buffy wasn't ending, but it's kindda understandable
since the show has been running for seven years now. Well,
there's still Angel... hopefully.


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