Nick's Journal
2003-04-30 05:24:34 (UTC)

Statistically speaking, you're already dead

so if you know me you know i read just about every damn
thing i can find. what i read has a lot to do with
stats. liberals whine bout this statistic, conservatives
about this one. but my all time favorite are
the "enlightment" books fostered by mathematicians
and "logicians". what i love about them is their
abhorrent adherrence to statistics even when they say how
dumb statistics are. for example i just read something
int he newspaper from this "intellectual" saying how rare
the probability of you contracting SARS is, and how
infinitesmially small it is that you die COMPARED to other
probabilities. what i love are the OTHER probabilites.
these people go out of their way to say. ok you have
a .000000004% chance of dying of disease X, i mean that's
nothing! compare it to your 30% chance of dying this way,
your 60% chance of being inflicted with this disease.
jesus! what's wrong with this picture? are we supposed
to feel better?
haha, i LOVE how they always go, you know we have 200,000
deaths cos of smoking, 100,000 deaths cos of car accident
every hour (or god knows what those stats are), yet people
participate in these activites....this shows how stupid
humans are.
wrong you fucks! it shows how we make decisions you
fucking faggots. see if we were to incorporate every
grain of info (namely all the chances of death from every
fucking activity) we would not function. rather we reduce
our focus on what we die of to what is recently exploited
by the media (SARS, terror, bio-chemical bullshit). we
fear planes and all the aforementioned due to the media
mass hysteria, and yes i am quite aware that i am not the
first "genius" to combat the media and it's glorification
of ghastly shit. fear this fear that. don't fear
anything. don't fear the media cos you're more than
likely going ot die in the car listening to the news than
you will of dying what you're hearing about. yeah thanks
intellectuals thanks a fuckign bunch for putting us at
ease. we've devloped finely tuned heuristics to cope with
our lives and ironically enough these very heuristics are
what fill us with fear (oh shit i saw on the news that
black people are the cause of crime.....uh oh! that means
that ALL of them are....boy i'm afraid).
sadly enough we have to obey our heuristics or else we
just disentegrate into a babbling incoherent mess, that
can't deduce any reasonable cause of action.
so stop giving me statistics. just accept the fact that
statistics are like a dildo......they serve you quite
nicely, but in the end you realize it's actually fucking