Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-30 02:48:54 (UTC)

And we're back

Ok, so in continuation to where I was forced off from the
computer yesterday I will resume from where I left off. So
on Saturday I am sitting at South bank all lonely and Gab
rings me and tells me that she has bought me a CD. The CD
that I lost ages ago and have been missing so much since.
Radiohead's "The Bends". One of my favourite albums ever.
So yeah I was so touched. I mean I had had the dodgiest
day where nothing was going right and all of a sudden when
I'm just feeling so lonely, Gabrielle, the girl who was
once my tottal comfort rings me up out of the blue and
tells me that she bought me a present. I was so touched I
almost just started crying right there in the city.... so
anyway after that my whole day turned round and things got
great. I ended up getting home and going out to Amelia's
party. We went to this awesome restaurant in the valley.
It was so funky sitting round on cusions on the floor. It
was very cool. And I felt happy hanging out with all my
school friends. The craziest thing happened on the way
home though. I was in Michael's (Morgan) car with him and
Renee. Michael had had a couple of drinks, wasn't drunk
but had alchohol in his blood. The cops pulled him over
and said that he was going 20 over the speed limit. They
asked him if he had been drinking and he said "no". so
they gave him a breathaliser test. While this was
happening I swear Michael was absolutely shitting himself.
But he was also hiding it quite well. But in the end the
whackdest thing happened. Michael somehow past the test.
they gave him back his licence, even though he was going
at 80 in a 60 zone. And they just gave him a warning: "be
careful, wet roads". And that was it, they left. holy
fuck! hahah! dude! it was intense. we couldn't believe
what had happened, bloody devine intervention or
something. haha! Hmm yes well that was interesting. Hmm
the next day I did practicly nothing. Me and Nath tried
doing stupid crappy things to pass away the time. At night
we shared a 6er that remained from our unused carton. But
now I think I can't drink XXXX bitters. It's like
something in my head makes me throw up when I drink them.
cos that's what I did! damnit! it was really funny
though.. haha... i tried to spew into the bottle cos I
knew that I wasn't gonna make it to the toilet but that
didn't work and I threw up all over the carpet. I did a
pretty good job cleaning it up though i think. Hmmm good
for me. On Monday I went to uni but didn't go to class cos
I had to write reviews for my mag and they're due very
soon. After that I went to Cam's. We drank something we
shouldn't have! haha! dumbasses! we thought it would
tottally screw up our heads but it didn't do anything it
just tasted really bad! haha! umm yes. me and Cam came up
with this massive scheme to move out of home together. I
wonder if it will be put into action. Cam seems very set
for it. Today I am at uni though. I just had my first tut
and am now typing in here. wowow! I have another class
soon, so I will go now. till next time... cheers!