A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-04-30 02:02:04 (UTC)


2 words...CLASS RINGS!!! omg its excting but its
FRUSTRATING....what design...what stone...what on the sides
this and that and this and that URG...soooo many choices!!!
its driving me crazy! then when i decided what i wanted i
told me my and it figured to be like over 450 dollars and i
swear the look she gave me was like DAMN but then she was
like...ok...whatever u want ...its ur ring and u have to
wear it and i was like its all almost
over...after next week it'll be ordered and all i gotta do
is pay 4 it! lol...moving on...the play is in 2 dayz!!!
AHHHH we are SOOOO not ready...we're havin a long rehersal
tomorrow....i dont feel like stayin..i think im gettin sick
again...i swear i wasnt feelin good at all was
bad...but ima go to bed to u later!

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