hello kitty cat
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2003-04-30 00:04:28 (UTC)

now this is a stalker

damn...I took a super long nap today....I think I must be
needing more sleep because the last couple days I've been
waking up and having these fuckin dizzy spells....the other
day I almost threw up. So I'm trying to get more sleep and
eat better. Tomorrow is Boy Sets Fire at Emo's...I'm really
excited. I hope it doesn't fucking pour ...because Emo's
isn't much fun when it's fucking raining. A weird thing
happened today, when I got home from work I was in the
shower and the doorbell was ringing and ringing....and then
whoever it was at the door decided to knock a thousand
times..I didn't get it..cause I was in the shower ..but it
kinda freaked me out. There is this one guy in my apartment
complex that ALWAYS fucking comes out when I leave my house-
-and is like "uh...hey...hey huh huh hey"....and he was
there when I got home from work. He fucking just stares out
his window...and then *conviently* as to walk outside for
something or other whne I leave my fucking
creepy is that? And I thought I had no life! HE Has some
time on HIS hands.

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