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my submissive life
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2003-04-29 23:49:23 (UTC)


1. Attention – standing; feet very wide apart; hands
behind head; stomach in; chest out; mouth open; eyes
straight forward.
2. Kneel – kneeling on floor; knees wide apart; hands
behind head; stomach in; chest out; mouth open; eyes
3. Crawl – hands and knees on floor; back arched; head
hanging down; mouth closed; eyes down.
4. Down – lying on stomach; face on floor; hands behind
back; legs apart; mouth closed; eyes forward.
5. Spread – lying on back; arms and legs spread eagle;
mouth open; eyes on ceiling.
6. Cunt – lying on back; knees bent and far apart; hands
holding pussy lips stretched wide open; mouth closed; head
held up; eyes forward.
7. Ass – standing; bent at waist; hands holding ass cheeks
stretched wide apart; mouth closed; eyes looking at wall
8. Tits – kneeling; knees slightly apart; hands cupping
breasts; chest pushed far out; head tilted back; mouth
slightly open; eyes on ceiling.
9. Submit – kneeling; knees together; bent at waist;
forehead on floor; hands stretched in front resting on
floor; mouth and eyes closed.
10. Present – laying on back, legs wide apart and bent up
towards chest; hands behind knees holding legs towards
chest; pussy and ass stretched wide open; mouth wide open;
head held up; eyes forward.

Slave will memorize position names and numbers. Slave will
practice positions regularly (at least 5 times a day).
Positions must be assumed without hesitation and with great
attention paid to details (such as where eyes should look
and how mouth should be). Slave must be able to hold each
position perfectly for at least 30 minutes.

1. For hesitating – Slave must practice positions 30 times
a day for next 10 days. Slave will receive 2 strokes of
the cane.
2. For lack of attention to details – Slave must hold all
positions perfectly for 10 minutes while practicing for the
next 10 days. Slave will receive 5 strokes of the cane.
3. For getting a position wrong – Slave must assume
correct position and hold it one full hour every day for
next 10 days. Slave will hold extra large enema for 1 hour
while in position.
4. For forgetting a position – Slave must stand with legs
together and arms at sides (start position) for 1 minute
then assume Attention position; hold position for 1 minute
and return to start position; repeat with all positions
(total time – 20 minutes). This exercise to be performed 6
times a day (2 hours) for next 10 days. Slave will receive
10 strokes of the cane each day for 10 days.
5. For failure to hold for 30 minutes – Slave must spend
no less than 6 hours in each position over next 10 days
(one position per day). Slave will stand at Attention with
extra heavy weights on nipples and pussy lips for 30
minutes each day for 10 days.
6. For not practicing sufficiently (to be determined by
Master) – Slave must spend no less than 4 hours a day
practicing positions for next 20 days. Slave will rewrite
position descriptions 200 times.