Montana bound
2003-04-29 23:46:52 (UTC)


I've had it. First it was "good little Mormon" girls,
then it was all freshman girls, now I'm just sick of
freshman as a whole. All the freshman boys think they have
to prove to the world what hard asses they are and all the
freshman girls just want to fuck with us guys' heads. I
know, I experienced both. When I was a freshman, I was a
dumb shit. I thought I had to make up all this shit and
try to do things that I knew I couldn't to let everyone
know how cool I was. And my girlfriend wasn't interested
in me as a boyfriend, she just wanted to explore and find
out how fucked up she could make me. Unfortunately, she
was exceptionally good at that and it took me a few years
to get over it. But that's the basic gist of it. I used
to always get offended when people made fun of freshman;
now I understand. The world's really not the horrible
place full of stupid people I've always thought it was,
it's just the small but very loud groups (such as freshman)
who make it seem that way.
Call me a pervert, horny, a teenage boy, there's really
no difference between the three. The simple fact is this.
All I want is a girl who I can have fun with, feel good,
and who's not ashamed to acknowledge the fact that we're
together. I've never understood the girls who can't wait
until they're old enough by another's standards to date and
ashamed of it. Instead of just dating a guy and being open
with it, they'd rather break two rules; dating a guy and
lying about it to their parents. I know it's highly
unlikely I'll find such as I'm looking for until I move out
of Utah, but I'd really like a girl who I can hold in
public and kiss without her shirking because of what
everyone else will think. I don't give a fuck what the
rest of the world thinks, I never really have. If she's
going to be with me, well then damn it, she's going to have
to learn not to, also.