Remember to Breathe
2003-04-29 18:18:52 (UTC)

24 scattered thoughts

I don't write in this diary much anymore. I am so
stressed right now with a lot of things. School is over
in about 2 weeks, and then I need to move all my things to
a place that I don't have yet. Before all of this happens
I need to find a job, say goodbye to too many of my
friends for good, finish my final projects and tests, and
explain to my dad why I can't live with him this summer.
It's so exasperating to be this age. Still so dependent
and up in the air. I realize more than ever how weak I
really am. My entire personality has changed for the
worse and I am no longer a social person. Just call me
stereotypically emo, because at this point that is all I
am, and all I can be.

"There's a place in my heart that can't kiss you goodbye."
-Kind of Like Spitting-
"All Else Failed"