taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2003-04-29 17:34:35 (UTC)

Year 2 in the proverbial 'books'

At times it was excrutiating and yet at other times it was
not as excrutiating, but regardless, my 2nd year at
Carleton University ended today when I typed this final
line of my mass comm take-home exam at 12:53pm, "Both
theories typically ignore the microcosmic instances of
communication and focus particularly on the larger
systems." I'm not sure if its a legitimate statement, but
one may imagine I was relatively unconcerned with its
legitimacy given the euphoric implications once complete.

Definately an odd year although even in number. The stats
classes will give my nightmare's for months to come. Most
perplexing of my stats classes, however, is that one will
account for my highest, and one my lowest, mark. Meh.

Now the slow decline of knowledge can begin.

The Summer Decay will begin in ernest on satuday evening
when much alcohol will no doubt be consumed at Ida's party
as thoughts of functionalism, cybernetics, and chi square
distribution tables slowly ferment into blissful oblivion.