My Diary
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2003-04-29 09:15:01 (UTC)

SARS & Hong Kong

The problems of SARS has been around Hong Kong over a
month now. In the past month or so, the situation has been
tensed, sepcially when you hear the news of the increasing
number of infected people and number of people died from
the sars. Everyone wears mask when they go on public,
countries are not welcome for people travelling from Hong
Kong, businesses are hurting badly and some of them have
even closed down because there are any people have the
mood to do any shopping or expending money. School are
also closed down and the kids are bored to death by
staying home over a month and do nothing.
We hope this could be over soon. At the mean time, the
evening news last night mentioned that there seems to be a
decreasing number on people getting infected. I think
that's a great sign and I am sure things would be a lot
better if this SARS thing could be settled soon.

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