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2003-04-29 07:08:55 (UTC)


It's funny how some people take life for granted while
others would do anything to survive diease, accidents,
ovderdoses etc... life is all a game, whether you can be
strong enough to win that game or not...who knows? You're
going to be faced with possibilities that are going to A)
either fuck you up or B)get you ahead. Good always evens
out with bad whether you like it or not, and bad will
always be a part of your life whether it's with friends,
family, love...anything. The people you are most likely to
stick by you for the best and the worst times are the ones
who are most likely to screw you over. Welcome to reality.
Anyone who you have cared about, felt anything for, wanted
to be's fucking pointless, you're wasting your
time, face it. People are fucking mind corrupted assholes
who's only assets in life are to marry a 'hot bitch' or
a 'hot guy' (fuck personality when you have looks!), be
rich (because money means everything), live in a mansion
(why buy a house when you can use an extra 5 bedrooms?)...
human race=fucking retards corrupted by society. We're all
just a bunch of sheeping looking for a new trent to flock
by. You're nothing to society, you're just a number, no
matter how successful you are in life, you're going to be
forgotten as fast as you were brought here. You can tell
yourself physical pain takes the mental pain it
real or do you just tell yourself that so much that you
pretend it's real? I'm not trying to make a 'big point' or
anything, I just thought others should see my point of view
of how society is to people and people are to people.