Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-04-29 05:59:29 (UTC)

tirelessly emphatic

i dunno, i think the world is somehow
conspiring with the luck of the world
and causing in one way or another
the slow decline of my maddening ways
into a twisting mire of gluttony and
self deprication

or, i am just delusional, and wondering
what the hell else to do while i am
bored out of my tree

one week, and it's my birthday


i have decided to give myself nothing
unlike every year before, i mean for
the most part, i would love a call from
someone, be it shannah, tess, rick
anyone really

i will more than likely go to a movie
and celebrate with a pizza afterwards

and for some reason that just seems
more mundane than every other day that
has gone by over the last few months

i really want something different
to happen, i really want something
new and spontanious to occur

but i suppose that would be asking
way too much..

dave invited me over to smoke up
and go drinking, as we share the
same birthday, but who wants to
go drinking on a monday? and
smoking up sounds about as inspired
as well, i can't think of anything
but i am sure, that there is
something milling about in my


oh well