I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-04-29 04:02:05 (UTC)

I Am Loved

Yay for notes! Thanks guys. And thanks Kel, I appreciate
it. You are so fun. Yes, when I actually have a
significant other, let's double date and we'll meet in
some random state and have a good time. :)

Bitching out this morning went well. I wasn't really all
that mean, but two people were half an hour late. I was
pissed. They finally showed up asking where the meeting
was and I told them that it was over. They begged and
pleaded to update them on what was going on and I caved
and gave in. But when they did come in later today they
were VERY careful to follow EVERY rule I had gone over
that morning. It rocked. I love my delusion of grandeur.

Work was crazy because I was 4 people today. As in I had
to do the job for other people who weren't there today.
And on top of that a new manager was training today and
after being introduced to me and the bakery manager, his
first words to us were chastising us about not wearing a
name tag. Look jerk, you've been in the building for what,
5 mins? and you're already getting people in trouble? Shut
the fuck up and move on. Needless to say, Jason (Bakery
Mgr) and I don't like him at all.

But my day did look up because I got a new office chair.
I've been begging for 2 new ones the replace the 2 shitty
ones in the office and I managed to score 1 today. So, I
got a new chair. It made me very happy. :)

I really need a hair cut. Tomorrow is my day off, so maybe
I'll go then. That could be good.