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2003-04-29 01:49:31 (UTC)

i owe u people an explination......

about a month ago maby dad came to my moms
house and yelled at her and told her that he was going to
take me....and there was nothing she can do about
mom hit him but he didnt hit back....and she said fine take
the bitch i will be happier without her.......he took me to was horrible....i hated my school...i
talked to 2 people they were nice but i missed brooklyn
alot.....then i convinced my dad to let me come back to
brooklyn for easter vcation....and he did and i managed to
get him to let me stay in brooklyn.....which made me
happier....but i feel like im not wanted any more
here.....when bridget cat chrissy and everyone else talked
it was alot of inside jokes i wasnt there made me
cry alot at night......and i think sean doesnt love me any
more....which is why i have been scared to come
online.......we dont talk like we used to i miss that....i
missed him so much when i was away...i used to cry my self
to sleep thinking that i was never going to be able to see
or talk to him again....then i found a way to get to my
email and she sent me a song he wrote for me "
this is 1 of my songs that i wrote in school a few days
ago. i love this girl more than the world...give my life to
keep i could stay awake jus watchin u peacefully sleep, i
love you so much we aint the regular couple like such and
such, your my bride u stick wit me and u down to ride, my
love for u will never subside its suttin i will and cant
hide, write ur name across my chest but i have to hide it
wit a bullet proof vest only one that could get to my heart
is you i could give you my life i could give you 2, that
wouldnt b enough ur dad caused me so much pain i should
have sued. like fifty said if i wrote u a love letter would
u write back, baby if i kidnapped you for life would u like
that? so heres my special cue so here are the words that'll
b in da few, i'll never stop lovin you...angels do fall
from the heavens dead real....take my heart put it on a
seal..." but i feel horrible.....he deserves better then me
he need someone who can be there for him all the
life has too many problems for me to promise that i will
always be there.........believe me if i could i would move
next door to him....and wait at his beck and call....i
would do anythign in my power to do studd for my
baby.....but i live to far away....i feel like i am holding
him back....i bet he can find a girl better then me in
white plains but because of me he might not be looking and
i dont want that....well i have to go my dad is calling my
name...sean baby just know i will always love u and i will
try to always be there for u.....