Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-04-28 23:45:09 (UTC)

will have broad band soon

All right well i don't have my broadband connection yet.
But don't worry it will be there in a few days. nope, today
I am at cameron's house. I slept here last night, and came
over after uni. Yesterday at uni I skipped drama class.
oooooh. I had to write some of my film review which are due
quite soon. hmm. it's morning at the moment I just woke up.
Yesterday me and cam went over to Karamatic's house and had
some fight clubbing. It's fun to beat the shit out of
eachother sometimes. humnahumnahumnahumna, Saturday night
was a complete turnarround from,t he shitty day. I wrote
about how I was at uni and was all pissed off. well...
after that I walked to South Bank and was just sitting by
the river watching the world go by feeling all sad. And
then, I just started tyhinking about Gab. i mean I hadn't
thought about her almost all week. But then I just started
thinking about how much I missed her. like when I'm arround
her I never hardly get sad about it but when I'm alone I
just miss her so bad. and Iwas just wondering how she was
and all that kind of stuff and all of a sudden I get this
phone call and it was gab! damn... hahah... hmm am I
leaving with a cliffhanger here.. I have to get off.. cam's
mum wantes the phone line or something. well... I will try
finishing this later... bye. (ps. if my spelling is shit on
this it's cos i didn't have time to go over it.)