champagne supernova
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2003-04-28 23:40:01 (UTC)

my room is fit for meditating

this past weekend was very ...well dammit it was good! i
went out to breakfast with my mom and lil and had the best
breakfast i have ever had in my life....besides
ashleys'grandmas' biscuits and gravy!!.. and went shopping
all day with mom which was coo l...and then on sunday
iwent to church with mycheal and jen... and set off a house
alarm with jens mom... dont it was all
because of a fish! ahh! lovely fish.. later that sunday...
i decided to clean my room... and i odnt mean clean my
room.. i mean I CLEANED MY ROOM! im talking, busting out
the bleach , lysol, moving things around, vaccuming under
bed. polish and detail cleaning! now my room smells like
bleach and a scented candel...and i like it...and jen
motivated me to put up white christmas lights all over my
room and damnit... thats what i did...and it looks soo
great ...and i think cause of all the crazy colored posters
up in my room, now at night when i turn on my lights, my
room turns this really calming shade of orange... i could
just sit in there and clear my mind.. how i love it so!