worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-04-28 22:52:39 (UTC)

Daily torture game

Areas that can be tortured/punished:

1. Right tit – clothespins, needles, bondage, wax, ice,
weights, whipping, electric shocks
2. Left tit – same
3. Right ass cheek – needles, spanking with various
instruments, hot wax
4. Left ass cheek – same
5. Right labia – needles, clamps, weights, riding wooden
pony, electric shocks
6. Left labia – same
7. Right thigh – whipping, wax, severe exercise
8. Left thigh – same
9. Right foot – whipping soles of feet, standing, walking
on painful objects, bondage, was ice, electric shocks
10. Left foot – same
11. Right palm – smacking, bondage, wax, writing assignments
12. Left palm – same
13. Stomach – whipping, bondage forced eating/drinking,
starvation, severe exercise
14. Clit – arousal, clamp, riding wooden pony, ice,
electric shocks
15. Cunt – denial, arousal, insertion, dilation, electric
16. Asshole – enema, insertion, dilation, electric shocks
17. Back – whipping, electric shocks
18. Mouth – clothespins, stretched open, gagging, hot
sauce, soap
19. Ego – severe humiliation, degradation, maid, animal
behavior, watersports, stocks, crawling, writing on body
20. Other – stretching, tickling, suspension, bondage,
caging, anything else

The game:
Each area of possible punishment is written on a ping-pong
ball. All 20 are mixed in a large container. Every day 3
balls are picked at random – those areas are to be the
focus of torture that day. At the end of the day, the
balls are returned to the lottery. This results in some
areas being neglected for long periods of time, while
inevitably some are drawn repeatedly for torture sessions.
The results of only one tit (or labia or hand or foot or
ass cheek) being tortured at a time are mental discomfort,
emotional frustration, and awkward physical sensations and
appearances. Additionally, each target area will be
brightly labeled #1, #2, and #3 for the day. A diary will
be maintained of what areas are selected and what tortures
are administered. At the end of the month, 90 targets will
have been selected. Slave will do the math and figure
which 3 areas have been targeted the most and least. These
6 areas will be the focus of a special, severe, 24-hour
torture session. Again each area will be labeled and
detailed notes kept.