malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-04-28 22:23:20 (UTC)


the night opened to us
its vast empire of craggy beauty
midnight conspirators
with dreams piled in the trunk like so much baggage
racing past glittering pavement, wet with dew
into the pitch, onyx night
leaving only shadows for what is good and true,
anticipating only miles, dotted with light
like fallen stars, embers in the sand.
16, 17, two souls breathing in
night, inhaling the inescapable beauty
of 12:43 am.
the silence thick with words
thick with thoughts,
thoughts withheld upon the tips of tongues,
mouthing music, music
exhalling no sorrows but our own
Night, a vast plain before us
an echo in the future
of dreams to come
adrenaline, love, jealousy-
all captured in the beams of the ascending moon
guilty with the concept of promise...


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