Welcome to own demise
2003-04-28 22:09:54 (UTC)

breathe lucia breathe

oh goodness... so i never did finish writing the other
night but i kinda lost my train of thought now and i dont
feel like reading the entry and trying ot get back into
that frame of mind so im jjust gonna move on ok here we go..

i went shoe shopping for prom on sat. with my dads "gf"...
he really doesnt like her too much and is looking for sons
to dump her but i like her so much i think shes so great.
anyways it took li ke 5 hours but i got the shoes. too bad
my babytoe is still all retarded oh well...

i foun today that prom dates for jr prom have to under 21
and they cardthem ate door?!?!? its garbage so i nedfind
albert a high school id, so i have to see if i know anyone
who kinda looks like him so he can use his id.... so if
anyone who reads this k nows what albert looks like and
knows someone who wouldnt mind lending me their school id
for the night of the 10th.... ill love u forever and ever.

i have a dr's app. today..... gonna run some more
tests... ::sigh::

ok so i read katryns diary about her nipple pierc and when
she explained it to me in person i still wasnt scared
orthought it would really be that bad.... ok so i got both
my nipples pierced yesterday...... yea YEA! hurt like a
mug. oh lod the 1st one hurt so bad and the second one
wasnt as bad prolly bc the 1st one hurt likr hell. ahhh
anyways i have my dr's app/ tday i duno if hes gonna do a
breas exam too, i dont know if i can handle having him
touch the boobage.soreness... but i was straight in jan,
and highly doubt i oculd have developed breast cancer in
like 3 months... so imma ask him not to do it today, or
somehthing i dunno ill think of something when the time

alberts coming to town next week..... yay? i dont know if
im really truly excited or resentful about it. i miss him
yea but at the same time..... i dunno, i love him so much
and im bout 80 percent sure the feelings i have rnt fully
mutual. sooo, i dunno it kinda feels like i shoudlnt even
bother tryin anymore, but then once again id be a quitter,
and i dont wanna be one of those anymore....

i smoked yesterday speaking of quitting..... ywell fck it i
was in a lot of pain, it did help tho.... i came home and
popped a bunch of pain pills my dad had in his bag so i
was straight. they really dont hurt now just a lil sore...
oh lord i almost passed out when i was cleaning them
yesterday. this morning too but i dunno if tat wsa just bc
my blood sugar was so low this morning or what so yea.

i gotta go to my dr's app now so i dunno blah!!! :(